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Presepe Marineria 2022 Cesenatico Museo Marineria - Portocanale CesenaticoOrtMuseo Marineria - Portocanale Cesenatico
StartSonntag, 4. Dezember 2022 - 2022-12-04
EndeMontag, 9. Januar 2023 - 2023-01-09

All the lovers of the magic atmosphere, the lights, the scents and flavors of the holiday season can't absolutely miss the magical setting of the Christmas 2022 Cesenatico. The charming town of Romagna is preparing to celebrate the Christmas 2021 , setting the traditional Presepe della Marineria (Nativity of the Navy), an important cultural event nationally known (and not only) for its suggestiveness and unique setting. It is placed on the ancient fishing boats of the Cesenatico Maritime Museum, immersed in the splendid setting of the Harbour designed by Leonardo da Vinci in the 16th Century. The famous Presepe della Marineria Cesenatico known throughout the world and visited every year by many tourists and fans of the genre is composed by life-sized wood sculptures, with clothes and drapery fabric treated with wax, which reproduce the typical figures of the local maritime life such as the fisherman and fishwife , together with the traditional figures like the Magi and the Holy Family.
During the whole holiday season the Portocanale of Cesenatico and the city center will welcome the visitors with lights, the colors of Christmas decorations and the aromas and flavors of the traditional Christmas markets. Visitors can browse from 10.00 to 20.00 around the market stands, offering many local objects of arts and crafts, local food products, flowers, plants and many nice gifts.

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